Prediction Week 2017 – Healing With The Masters

Prediction Week 2017 – Healing With The Masters

Want to Know What YOUR FUTURE Holds?


Dr Robert Pease

There is a potent energy of change right now.

People all across the globe have been experiencing radical shifts and transformations at a more accelerated rate than I’ve personally ever seen.

As I know you’ve heard… we’re experiencing a profound quickening.

And right now, I’m offering you a lighthouse of insights that will help you align with all that 2017 has to offer.

Not only will you have the chance to receive a one-on-one reading from me…

You will be able to connect with an entire collective of the planet’s most powerful visionaries.

Prediction Week 2017

Over the years, thousands have received answers to their most pressing questions through this free, annual Predictions Week series…Setting them up to thrive in the coming year.

And now, this is your chance to join me there and do the same.

Predictions Week 2017 is one of my favorite events of the year and I know you will receive the insights you have been seeking.

This is your chance to start the new year with a fresh outlook…

To PERSONALLY CONNECT with myself and top psychics, astrologers, intuitives and channelers on the planet…

And hear what 2017 has in store for you, your loved ones, for all of us.

Each of us will deliver a fascinating overview of what we see for this new year and how it will impact everyone on this planet.

Trust me, you really do not want to miss this.

And again, this entire series is completely free to attend and participate.

Prediction Week 2017

From January 2nd – 7th at 4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern (+ Noon on Saturday – replays available) YOU will have the chance to not only experience new energies, understandings and perspectives from these powerhouse predictors…

But also also be able to work one-on-one with ALL OF US to find out what’s in store for YOU in 2017.


Prediction Week 2017

See you there,

Dr Robert Pease


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