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9 Awesome Weeks Online – New Dates to be Announced!

(Online Course is twice a month!)

There is a power that guides each of us through the greatest adventure of all – LIFE!

A life-force dwells in our Heart and beats with a desire to thrive, to transform and to be truly happy. When we are quiet, in nature, surrounded by loving designs of life we touch the invisible heartbeat of the world.

This power is everything. And when we are ready to listen closely to the song it sings we find peace and fellowship with our planet and the soul of this power.

What calls to you in the silence of the trees, the whisper of the wind and the rustle of animals? What song do you sing, often in silence alone with your thoughts?

You are invited to explore the wonder of your Soul song and discover the true nature of the power behind everything within you today.


Full Personal Evaluation – Emotional Self-Regulation Assessment

This quiz and self examines the range of your emotional strength and weakness with yourself and others. The purpose of your self-evaluation is to explore both your self-awareness and your self-management. This is a creative process as well to bring insights to the power of your self-awareness and self-management to use emotional self-regulation, emotional intelligence and your highly sensitive momentum in situations that are more about you privately and about how you are with other people both perceived and valued. The quiz is for you to keep and refer back to during The Power Behind Everything Online Course.

Recognizing Your Profile and Understanding Your Blueprint

Everyone has a blueprint, a Soul’s journey, a life path accompanied by a unique profile guiding each person through life. We will explore the variety of personality types and profiles to support you in your journey. Part of each profile has an archetype, a superstructure but also a very precise model and design. What makes you different than everyone else? Being able to recognize the “Who am I?” allows you to better understand the reason you do what you do, think the way you think and meet the challenges of daily living. Exploring the variety of designs offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.

The History of the Empath – Stranger in a Strange Land

Historically the empath appears to be vague and uncharted, however recognizing the variety of blueprints I have gathered significant research and understanding. Throughout time the empath has been called by a many names; healer, witch, saint, seer, prophet, herbalist, revelator and oracle and yet who among us are you? We will take a closer look at those throughout history who have shared this rare and extraordinary gift. Everyone is connected to empaths either in their family, friendships and at varying degrees in your own genealogy.

Not to mention there is a bit of sci-fi ideas included in the origin of the empath and the journey so far from there to here in the world. Even though most empaths tend to be very scientific I have shared many stories of science “fiction” with you that resonate true. So let’s have some fun with this part of the story.

What is an Empath?

There is a very short definition of what an empath is. Currently the definition is generally defining an empath as having the ability to be “over-emotional” and “hyper-sensitive.” This is an inaccurate view of the word of the empathetic harmonizer which should also include at least six main types:

Emotional Empath. The emotional empath is one of the most common types of empaths.

Physical/Medical Empath. Those with this type of empathy can pick up on the energy of other people’s bodies.

Geomantic Empath. Those who are connected to the Earth energy.

Plant Kingdom Empath. Those who converse with nature.

Animal Kingdom Empath. Those who communicate with animals.

Claircognizant/Intuitive Empath. Those who know with need to for rational thought.

Plus, empaths who have more than one ability!

Whether you are an empath or not, your abilities are complimentary and allow you to have a certain range of empathy which is magnified through self-awareness and consciousness calibration. All healers have empathy!

Stepping into Harmony

The true nature of empathy is to bring harmony into oneself and the world through sharing feelings which are a recipe of emotions and sensitivity. It is the reason I have redefined the empath to accept and develop awareness as being a “harmonizer.” A term which is more expansive of the ability and the person with the ability. The Power Behind Everything is an online course to develop a stronger, intuitive connection into the power behind everything. This power can be managed to give you the resource and life-force that will improve your stability, self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance. Harmony is the key to healing the past, present and future experiences into your best and highest good.

Sensitivity vs. Emotional Variations

There is an arc between sensitivity and emotion that is part of the network of feelings in an empath. Understanding where you are in this range of frequencies at any given moment allow you greater self-regulation and being able to read yourself like a Geiger counter. Understanding what you are “registering” at any given time empowers you with the ability to set clear boundaries. Do you often feel that you are not sure whether the feelings are yours or someone else? Are your feelings amplified when you are in a crowd and often create overwhelm? Connecting the physical sensations with the actual feelings can give you an accurate reading for you to assess and evaluate the environment. More importantly you will have the ability to redirect the energy to prevent it from having an impact on your wellbeing.

Exposure vs. Revelation

 Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling exposed! Whether it is a feeling that comes from being around too many other people or from being in a crowd. The fear activated from over vulnerability may make you want to turn and run the other way! Developing the ability to shift exposure to revelation is much the same as turning a blinding spotlight off of you and shifting the light to come from within you outwardly so you can see clearly and make what is unseen, seen.

The Challenges of Visibility

“Come out! Come out wherever you are!” sounds great except to an empath! Is your desire to be able to shine your light into the world but from a distance? Or better yet, just think about it and then retreat back into the comforts of nature and home? The desire and longing to be seen and heard is always within you but the support and understanding of what makes it so difficult to be in the world not just of the world can be formidable. It is a frightening step to most sensitive people and for a good reason. The main reason is the world can be very cruel and hard to navigate around. And an empath is often misunderstood because of the unique rarity of your blueprint.

Analytical Scientific Seeker of Truth

The journey from empath to harmonizer starts with the left brain and then merges with the right brain. The left-brain function is logical, rational and linear. The right-brain function is imaginative, creative and abstract. Most empaths tend to be more comfortable in the left-brain and dabble in the right-brain. Even being an artist, the tendencies are to delve into music, jewelry making, fashion and acting in solitude. There is also a tendency to be more analytical, scientific as seekers of truth with a dash of “doubting Thomas” skepticism to make life spicy! What I adore about empathetic Harmonizers is the ability to feel when something rings true or not. The scientist in me has enjoyed the careful way information is viewed and digested. I have learned much from this community of healers and enjoy how much humor and laughter means to each and every Harmonizer.  In this segment you will be able to learn steps to de-hording all the information you have stored up around you and to free up both the clutter and the space between your ears! It is not an easy task to let go, downsize and reorganize life but it is simply heavenly when it is accomplished.

Dawn of a New Age for the Harmonizer

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” Your time is now. A new age of compassion and transformation of thought is upon us. The past has been filled with too much “lack” and misguided information that has stifled growth. Don’t get me wrong, we are still growing but it is still a battle uphill. Well times are changing as more and more empaths are being born. The 21st century is the dawn of the intuitive empath and an improved relationship with the Divine Feminine energies. As the population shifts from the masculine to the feminine energies this century will experience balance of the two entwined and complimentary to each other. It has been a time of great upheaval and now we begin the time of change. Empaths by nature are the “change agents.” And the greatest part of this story is the empathic Harmonizer is here and, in the future, to heal the world. Science has throughout history been overruled by politics and financial power. The time of being enslaved is over and we are already seeing it revealed today. The brilliance of the Harmonizer is the gift of being a natural born healer. You are here to be the role model. You are here to just be you to your fullest self whether you are teaching, dancing, writing, gathering information or spreading kindness in your work you are making an impact in every way every day.

Understanding the way, you transform others to be better than you find them is important to realize so you no longer need to shy away from your power. This new age requires courage and heart of which you have more than enough of, especially when your are united separately yet together in spirit.

The Children are Our Future

With the dawn of 21st Century a remarkable event is occurring in our world. All children born after January 1, 2000 are intuitive. Often called the “crystal” children the truth of this is a real event and a huge number of them are also intuitive-empathic-harmonizers! Their needs are to be educated, understood and allowed to be free and all the healers of the world will be their influencers. Many of you are parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and (great) grandparents to these remarkable children and have recognized how unique “crystal” kids are! Having the tools, wisdom and knowledge to support them is the opportunity given to each of us as guides for their journey. And many empathic harmonizers have struggled with the unseen and the invisible. You may also notice this new wave of empathic harmonizing crystal children are needing the confidence to be seen and visible to take humanity to the next level of consciousness. The more awareness each of us have to cope with the challenges we all face the better we are able to create transformation as healers and guide our children of the world.

The Power Behind Everything
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Be Invincible!

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Dr Robert Pease

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