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5 Awesome Days Online – Jan 12-16 Tues – Sat 1 PM Pacific

5 step fast track formula to explore both purpose, passion and prosperity by discovering what really sparks your deepest desire to ignite enough courage, willingness and determination to turn the dream into your greatest opportunity to shine your Life!

 This free 5 day webinar shares valuable tools to support, guide and jump start you

into getting down to what and where you really want to fulfill in your life right now!

  • Getting your business started and off the ground. Doing what really makes sense and gives your purpose, passion and the big YES!
  • Organizes your Monkey Mind to get to the real priorities you are scrambling around to push past the “bright shiny” distractions that keep you spinning too many plates.
  • Tap into your “unconscious creativity”. You know the place in within that gives benefits and results to people all the time that you do naturally and not get paid for! Turning those brilliant talents as an advisor, consultant, support, coach, mentor, life saver and best friend ever into the magnet which GIVES YOU BACK the real support you need to live beyond the paycheck.
  • Real life examples to model for you what you can understand, develop and practice your passion knowing where you will land after all the “doing” you do to hoping to get where and what you have strived for.
  • Drop the stories that keep you in the “What isn’t working for me LOOP and once and for all finally get it so you can start PLAYING in the life you are meant to live. In other words, get the junk out of your head that is beating up your ability to make it all happen.
  • Identify the correct systems to create the formula for you success and convert the “unconscious super talent” inside you into something tangible and fun. You know…the “doing what you love” and “making enough to have more than enough for yourself and others” you see other people creating? Yeah that one!
  • Time to get off your butt and “Dammit, OK! Let’s do this!” And you already know you are more than ready, but that old dream stealer in you keeps replaying the same old song about money, procrastination, self-defeating loser-takes-all syndrome that hates the words “I CAN DO IT!”
  • We all get it! We have all spun that crazy too many times. Now is the moment to get on board and really build your big true purpose for you this time. Because it IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Five sure fire steps, five real life practices, five “proof in the pudding” steps to just finally DO THAT CRAZY THING  you have always had inside you and finally relax back in your life feeling really, really awesome!

You ready? You curious?

Well guess what? It’s free! Not a penny.

Me, YOU and a whole lotta other folks just like you ONLINE to get the party started!

Sign Up and get ready to let your Life SHINE.

This is going to be crazy good stuff.

And if I am psyched, WATCH OUT!! Hehehe.

Let’s do this together.

Starting January 12th we are going to fly it and get the part will the building it is the “NO BRAINER”.

Rock Abundance In Any Way We Choose!

Time to fly,

Loving this part.

Dr Robert Pease

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