Intuitive Counseling

Before Dr Robert connects with you by (usually by phone or Skype) he will sit in meditation to review your past, present and future. He also uses his healing modalities to create an atmosphere of healing and openness with your session. It is important for you to spend a bit of time alone reflecting on your own peacefulness as much as possible. A reading is very much like tuning on a radio station and connecting as clearly as possible. You will want to open yourself to be able receive but also to be an open channel to the willingness to be as clear as possible.

It is always best to have questions written  down before hand to make sure you receive all that you are wanting to ask. It is also important to understand that questions like “What is my future going to be?” are now clear questions. Everything in your current path is being revealed to you to show you what you have created by choice or by indecision left to you by going along with others. Your current path can change if you are ready and willing to change and move in a different direction.

Your reading will inform you if the current choices are taking you in the direction you want to go or if you are headed down a slippery slope that is taking you somewhere else entirely. Your reading will guide you to make new choices to move more directly and effectively.

Whether you are dealing with financial hardship, physical issues or a relationship that is getting you into a deeper feeling of being stuck, Dr Robert will look into what you need to do to make more positive and available resourceful choices to lift you into new experiences.

It is important for you to show up fully prepared to expand your direction, which includes being alcohol and drug free. If you are presently taking prescription drugs (including mind altering substances) you will be required to share this information.

All information shared with Dr Robert Pease is confidential in nature. Your privacy is greatly appreciated and will be protected.

It is also important to know that after your private intuitive reading with Dr Robert you may wish to journal your feelings and what you believe you might need to do to shift certain behaviors. Once you have received your recording of your session it will be a great opportunity to compare your journal with the reading.




30 minute private intuitive reading session | $300


60 minute private intuitive reading session | $500


30 minute business session  | $500


30 minute private reading couples session | $500


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