Intuitive Numerology

Intuitive Numerology

When you schedule your appointment please be sure to add your birth date and full name (including your birth name and your married name.  This is very important in order for Dr. Robert to evaluate your life path, birth path, destiny path including your karmic cycles, career path and fortune path.

Dr. Robert integrates a great deal more than just a numerology reading when he talks with you, he will also examine your blueprint including your original formula and all deviations in your life plan that you have taken including new ones you are thinking about doing. It is important for him to approach your current situation supporting any new experiences and decisions you are contemplating right now regarding your future in relationships, career and health.

It is important to remember that Dr. Robert has a counseling approach to his work as well. After he examines your blueprint he will offer alternatives to your present choices to allow you to open to new experiences you may not have seen before. It is important to approach your session with an open mind, and a clear understanding that you are captain of your vessel and that all decisions you make are your own. Always remember that you are in control of your destiny by all the choices you make.

What is offered here is a greater understanding of your blueprint and your current footprint in life. Greater understanding of why you are living the life you live and how best you can create a better life by design is what your session with Dr. Robert will be all about.  Read More…

All information shared intuitively by Dr. Robert is firmly based on his interpretation of your life and destiny path and more importantly how best to navigate through both the rough and calm waters of your life.

Other information share may include your current connection with your family, friends and business associates. If during the time of the reading Dr. Robert requires further birthdates of close relationships (or future ones you are now considering!) please have the dates available during the session.

Also this reading will include an audio download that will be made soon available to you through the email address you include at the time you make the appointment. If the audio session needs to be sent to different address please inform Dr. Robert at the time of your private session. He will not share this information with anyone else without your permission.

Finally, the session will be exciting and fun! So much of what is included in the session are tools to create more joy, happiness and playfulness in your life! After all life is suppose to be the best time of our life right?

***If you are wanting to add a personal chart document with a detailed report of your blueprint you will need to request this at the time of the reading for further understanding. There is an additional charge for a chart. You will not receive a physical copy of this report during your session.




30 minute private intuitive numerology session | $300


60 minute intuitive numerology session | $500


30 minute  business intuitive numerology session  | $500


30 minute private intuitive numerology couples session | $500




complete intuitive numerology chart | $250


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