Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

As a powerful and charismatic motivational speaker, Dr Robert uses his extraordinary spiritual gifts and talent to empower his audience to live a life that leave them feeling inspired, pumped, entertained and ready for success and to create a life that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful. DDsLogoJPG9Double D's Conference dates

Dr. Robert Pease

Robert Pease is an intuitive Doctor of Metaphysical Science, a Transpersonal Counselor and a Psychic Numerologist. He is the author of Spiritual Bootcamp: This Is Your Wake Up Caland Imagined Self.

He holds A.A., A.S., B.S., M.MSC., Ph.D. Degrees in Transpersonal Counseling and Mystical Science. He is the creator of the Imagine Clinic and CEO of RP International, NDE Network, and hosts 2 shows Create Your Life By Design and The Reading Room.


NDE Should Mean “No Death Experience”

Is there life after death? Until the time comes that a person transitions they will not know . . . well not exactly. There are thousands of documented cases of NDE (near death experiences) and even more cases of death as not death — the other NDE (no death experience). Yet many have experienced Nirvana (Samadhi) and also those who have totally crossed to the other side and returned to tell the tale. You may be surprised by what they have to say. I am one of those stories. . .In this presentation, you will learn to:

  • Release the fear of dying
  • Be peaceful about your own creation story
  • Find the purpose of life by living a purposeful life
  • Experience an account of what continued life will offer each of us
  • Prepare yourself for life after life



Desert Womens show

Desert Womens Show

Past Events

 PopConLa  Los Angeles Convention Center

 Ohio State Addiction Studies Institute

 Finding the Gift in the Shift

 The Awakening Conference




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