Robert Pease, who holds A.A., A.S., B.S., M.MSC., Ph.D.  degrees in Transpersonal Psychology, Counseling and Mystical Science, is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, is the creator of the Imagine Workshop (accredited CEU course material) and the Imagine Facilitator Experience and founder of Robert Pease International, The Peace Network, and host on Co-Creator Network’s radio shows Create Your Life By Design, The Reading Room and his talk show Ask Dr Robert Show.
Dr.Robert is the author of books, audio visualizations and meditations, e-books, including his Best Selling book Spiritual Bootcamp: This Is Your Wake Up Call and the soon to be released Power Behind Everything: The Journey of the Empath to Harmonizer, and Reiki Vibes: Life Force

“The Numbers Doctor” Master of Intuitive Numerology

Dr. Robert’s fascination with numbers as intuitive vibrations led him to numerology. He uses numbers in his “spiritual toolbox” to live a conscious and positive affirmed life. Intuitive Numerology can help you understand your life purpose and why you attract (magnetize) certain situations and people into your life. Just from the numbers in your birth chart you can change to a direction to promote wealth, health and joy in your daily living.

Intuitive Counselor: Relationships, Limited Beliefs, Self-Empowerment, Visibility

There are many obstacles and opportunities, the dialogue in our head will encourage the obstacles and the Heart will expand the awareness of opportunities. It is possible to experience inner peace and clarity of mind through the process of positive affirmed deliberate intentions to create wonder and joy in the everyday!

I offer Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Energy Therapy, Coaching and Mentoring, and Workshops as tools to help you with getting out of your way! Moving forward, out of the drama of the ego, and into the Heart to be happier and healthier.

My international Client base are able to easily develop new dialogues to change how they believe they feel, and begin to attract that which is required for conscious growth with ease and grace.

Workshops and Seminars

Robert offers various workshops and seminars throughout the year. Both workshops and seminars are available for purchase at the Store. For more information about the programs that are being offered currently please go to the Seminars and Workshops page for locations and times.


The Journey of mentoring is an ongoing process of meditation, spiritual teaching, and awakening the inner knower. Robert will Journey with a limited number of people per year expanding on what the awakening process is about. Through self-discovery the flower of awakening will blossom into a deeper love through awareness.

Robert has spent this lifetime exploring this process. As a student of meditation he has become an international spiritual leader and teacher accepting only those who have already explored, developed and expanded their life before coming to this opportunity. You must be ready, willing and open to change, expansion and imagination to be accepted into his inner circle.




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